1000.fans is the ultimate platform for keeping you creative. We free up your time so you can keep being you and making the things you live for. We take care of your sales, merchandise stock, tickets, downloads, fan base, online presence and much more with absolutely no upfront cost or subscriptions. We care because we know how much you care so whether you are a band, a blogger, a youtuber, a wrestler, an author or a model. Whatever you are? 1000.fans will help you build, sustain and reward your fan base and help you reach your goal of being a full time creative.

In a nutshell. You decide what you would like us to sell. Send us the artwork, music, files etc. and tell people about your store. One of your fans comes along and buys a T Shirt. We make it. We post it. We pop money into your account. That’s if you want to use our On Demand service. You can still sell all your own stuff. You just do the fulfillment. Our one of a kind On Demand service means we can make T Shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags, CDs, Tapes and Digital Downloads. The only time 1000.fans makes money is when you make money.

We use DTG printer (Direct to Garment.) That means we can print photo quality images straight on to T Shirts. That is if you choose to use our on demand services of course. This is the type of printer we use:

We sell our T Shirts at £15 each. It's costs us £5 to make a T Shirt. We then split the profits 50/50. You make £5 and we make £5. Sorted.

You can sell whatever you want. T Shirts, Tickets, CDs, Hollowed Out Books, Air Fresheners whatever you've got can use 1000.fans as the bitchin' ecommerce platform it is. We just take 10% same as every other ecommerce platform.

We can offer these colours but please note some of these colours will only go up to XXL in size.

Oh okay here you go!

Nothing. Nada. Not a penny. 1000.fans is and always will be free to sign up and start using. We will never charge you in a subscription basis and we certainly won't ask you to pay extras so your fans can see your updates. The only time we make money is when you make money.

Our Merchandise Builder is currently under construction but for the time being if you send any designs in .PNG format to files@1000.fans we will do the rest. You can also include any specifics like T Shirt Colour and Image Placement and we will sort it out for you. If you want to sell you own T Shirts then just log in, add your images, add your price and start selling!

Well because we are really handsome human specimens but that's probably not the answer your looking for. Most importantly we will give you more time to be creative. Spend more time making the things you love and we'll take care of the time consuming boring stuff. We also build you a free website, give you rewards and unlockables, bring you closer to the people who support using our "True Fan" profiles and much more.

We use PayPal and card transactions so as soon as someone makes a purchase then the money your are due will go straight into your account. Just click transfer and the Cashola will appear in whatever PayPal account you sync with 1000.fans. Job done.

We lovingly hand make all our on demand products so they take a little more time to cook but we aim to have the item made and out the door between 5-7 working days. It takes a little longer but good things come to those who wait. We use myhermes.com as our courier so we can keep track of every parcel that leaves 1000.fans HQ. We also include the buyers email address and phone number (if they supply one) so they get notifications of where their brand spanking new handmade item is. Of course this is just for our on demand services. If you sell your own stuff delivery time and method is up to you.

Just take your lovely self to http://cloud.1000.fans and sign up today. You can sign up using your Facebook page and then sync your twitter, instagram, YouTube and soundcloud feeds straight into 1000.fans. This will build you a 1000.fans page instantly which will be jam packed full of all you latest social content. This will give you an automatically updating website and all this is completely free. Don't worry though we never post on your social media profiles so your fans won't get horrible “Candy Crush” style updates.

Just keep working away and being creative. Our model will help you get better at social media but also interacting with your fans. The more you interact, share and build relationships with the people who love what you do the higher up the 1000.fans levels you will go. Unlocking new themes, merchandise and other magic features. You can also start rewarding your loyal fans base with limited editions runs and collectibles and of course there are no extra costs for doing this.

There is loads of stuff on the horizon for 1000.fans. On demand 7” Vinyl being the main one but crowdfunding Vinyl runs, e tickets, fan profiles, Direct messaging system and much, much more are on their way. So there has never been a better time to sign up and be the first to know when these service become available.

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